Curry on a Stik’ for Cats

Keep Your Cat Happy, Healthy, & Looking Great!

Caring for your cat just got easier with the Curry on a Stik’ curry comb for cats. Your feline friend will love the feel of this brush, making grooming a special shared time between you and your animal. Whether you have long- or short-haired cat, your furry friend will cherish the feel of the brush. Plus, the brush is ideal for breaking up dirt and dander while pulling away loose hair, giving your cat a soft coat and healthy skin. With the innovative handle-plus-comb design, you’ll be able to brush your cat while standing or however you’re comfortable, and you can switch from the coarse side of the brush to the fine side as you move from the back and sides of your cat to more sensitive areas (like the face and legs). Make cat grooming easy and enjoyable with the curry stick that lasts a lifetime. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about Curry on a Stik’, and continue reading to learn more about the features and concept behind our curry comb. You can also buy your Curry on a Stik’ now!

"All of our barn cats love to be groomed with Curry on a Stik'. Usually, the cats run away. Since using the curry they now come over to us and rub their bodies against our legs!" -Sharon F.

The Concept

We adore our cats, yet grooming can be as difficult as herding cats, literally. Traditional wire brushes tear at the fur and can scratch the skin, which cats often find displeasing. If your cat is afraid of grooming sessions, then it’s time to make the switch to the Curry on a Stik’. The rubber curry pulls out loose hair while gently massaging your feline friend, leaving the skin healthy and smooth, and leaving your cat purring.


The Curry on a Stik’ features a convenient double-sided head with course rubber on one side, as well as softer rubber on the other, making this curry ideal for all grooming. From breaking up dirt and dander to combing and smoothing sensitive areas, you’ll only need to keep one tool handy — Curry on a Stik’. You’ll enjoy all of the following features of our innovative curry for cats:

  • Veterinarian-approved design.
  • A comfortable rubber ergonomic handle.
  • Works for both left-handed and right-handed individuals.
  • Makes it easy to curry without applying pressure.
  • Curry teeth are designed to move over surfaces smoothly.
  • Conveniently switch from coarse to soft brush sides.
  • Handle fits in a pocket or under the belt for easy access.
  • Requires less reaching while currying.
  • Lasts a lifetime — it’s the only brush you’ll ever need.
  • Single-piece core design ensures durability.
  • No rivets, screws, et cetera.
  • Patent pending.


Paw Vector
Paw Vector