Curry on a Stik’ for Dogs

The Best Grooming, Bathing, & Massaging Tool On The Market

The Concept

The Japanese Akita is a very special dog. I love their loyalty, strength, and intelligence. I have worked with this magnificent breed for over 30 years, and was responsible for producing many champions. We sold many pups worldwide, and we fed them the proper food and supplements to keep the breed at its finest. Grooming was another very important factor to their wellness since their doubly thick coat needed attention.

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to design the perfect grooming/massage tool, not only to use with this breed but for all dogs and other animals. I have spent over two years developing, designing, and testing the ultimate grooming tool.

My wife, Sharon, urged me to develop a curry that would cover all aspects of grooming, including massaging horses — since this was her passion for over 35 years. Thanks to my experience with horses, dogs, and cats, I’ve developed a tool that is ideal for grooming all of these animals. You’ll love the feel of this tool, and the bond that you will foster between you and your dog as you share in the grooming experience.


Thanks to its multi-purpose head, the Curry on a Stik’ is ideal for most dog breeds and dogs of any size — it’s especially useful for long-haired dogs, though any pup will enjoy the feel of this brush. Our unique curry comb features a convenient double-sided head with course rubber on one side, as well as softer rubber on the other, making this curry ideal for all types of grooming. From breaking up dirt and dander to combing and smoothing sensitive areas (like the legs or head), you’ll only need to keep one tool handy — Curry on a Stik’. You’ll enjoy all of the following features of our innovative curry for dogs:

  • Veterinarian-approved design.
  • A comfortable rubber ergonomic handle.
  • Works for both left-handed and right-handed individuals.
  • Makes it easy to curry without applying pressure.
  • Curry teeth are designed to move over surfaces smoothly.
  • Conveniently switch from coarse to soft brush sides.
  • Utilize while bathing — works great with dog shampoo and water.
  • Handle fits in a pocket or under the belt for easy access.
  • Requires less reaching while currying.
  • Lasts a lifetime — it’s the only brush you’ll ever need.
  • Single-piece core design ensures durability.
  • No rivets, screws, et cetera.
  • Patent pending.


Paw Vector
Paw Vector