There are important parameters in making a highly effective grooming experience:

  1. Have the right tool- we have what we feel is the best

  2. Grooming can be hard work- that is why we have made our brush strong, balanced and with some weight. This creates a mechanical advantage and in fact allowing the groomer to let the brush do the work as opposed to the biceps, triceps.

  3. Setting goals- if your approach is to get the hair off than that is easy. If your goal is to massage the skin, muscle, fascia stimulating circulation and opening the micro-vasculature, releasing natural oils and moving painful stagnation as well as having a meaningful experience than our brush coupled with proper technique will do that.

  4. Utilize the brush in the bathing and shampooing process to further enrich the effects of the combined brush and natural shampoo.

  5. Be mindful of what you are doing and observe the horses experience, trying to stay away from distractions.

  6. Begin the grooming process and finish the grooming process lightly over the areas that a horse likes most to be groomed; the neck, back and pelvis.

  7. Approach grooming with vision and purpose and be consistent as the horse loves a regular routine.

  8. Remember grooming is more than knocking the hair off the saddle area before riding. Make it an all-over body experience.

  9. Grooming is one of the best ways to know what is going on with respect to your animals health.

  10. Grooming has a significant effect on the central nervous system to create a sense of well-being and calming.

  11. Don't forget that your animal is better than you at picking-up on your energy so be in the right place when you engage your grooming.