A Message From Our Founders

A Better Way To Groom

I have been riding and showing horses for 35 years and from the first time I picked up a curry and a brush I was hooked on the relationship between me and the horse. What I yearned for was a tool that could curry and massage at the same time. The problem with the curry was that I had to hold it in my hand with my fingers which I always thought was hard to do. The curry would fly out of my hand! My fingers hurt, and my hands were filthy! After years of currying horses and ponies I thought, why doesn’t the curry have a handle like a hair brush. There must be a better way!

What I needed was a well balanced tool on a handle. This could alleviate stress on fingers, wrist and elbow. A convenient double-sided head with course rubber on one side, softer rubber on the other.

Taking all this under consideration we designed Curry on a Stik.

Checkout the brush in action, with one of the founders - Sharon!

About the animals that inspired us:Our dog Sofi, a 9 yr. old Rhodesian ridgeback rescue, always gave us a hard time when we would groom her. We had tried expensive brushes with a row of metal teeth, but it would just rip out her hair and she would fight us to no end. Slicker brushes with wire teeth would hurt her skin. Grooming gloves with round nubs would just make a mess and do nothing. We quickly found the solution, which was to create Curry on a Stik’. Now, Sofi loves to be brushed every morning. We take her outside and brush every part of her body and she always wants more. The therapeutic aspect helps her to feel so great that she starts running in circles and stops and sits at attention for more. We also curry on a stik when we bath her. The teeth get All the way down to her skin and not only removes the shedding hair but massages her as well.

In addition to Curry on a Stik, Jeff created with the support and endorsement of the Dr. Langlois, a phenomenal product called Hemp a Better Life. Part of our inspiration behind this product, was Bud. Bud is our 14 yr old long hair Chihuahua with Cushings disease and sadly he has lost most of the hair on his back. Sadly, he was also paralyzed from bulging disk disease, the cause being unknown. He went through 5 weeks of acupuncture, herbs, CBD from www.HempABetterLife.com and had plenty of massaging with the help specifically by the Curry on a Stik. We are happy to say that he has recovered fully. Curry on a Stik works wonders for all & any sized dogs.