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‘Curry on a Stik’ makes the perfect grooming sessions

Louisa Barton, CEP of Ocala

OMG! Curry on a Stik should be product of the year!

Ann Pruitt,

OMG! Curry on a StikJeffrey is innovative, caring, knowledgeable, friendly, and truthful should be product of the year!

Dee Rodkey

Amazing Brush

We have 2 German Shepherds with significantly different coats. So I've struggled to find a brush that works for both. I am truly amazed at the amount of fur that I've been able to deshed from our one dog with shorter fur and thinner undercoat. The typical metal brushes just seemed to irritate his skin and really didn't get to his undercoat. I also love that it is not only for grooming but for massaging as well. The same dog is super hyper and as soon as I started to brush him with in, he sat down and stopped barking. It calmed him down almost instantly. I was amazed.


Curry on a Stik is loved and used on our rescue pets daily, Thank you

Jennifer Lucas, Hearts Healing Hearts

Awesome tool! My horses love it. It helps since i have arthritis in both my hands.

Barbara Lee

Ambassador Molly has a better quality of life, since Curry on a Stik was introduced to us. Thank you, Dr. John and Jeff

Lilly Barron, SPCA of Ocala

Our 3 dogs love it. This is our first and only curry brush and I don't see why I'd ever want a different one. The handle is nice -- I don't like I would like one without a handle. It definitely has some heft. The smaller bristles are flexible and will follow the curves of the body and limbs. The larger spiky ones are pretty stiff. We use mainly the soft bristles on our pitbull and English Staffordshire terrier, who both have very short, thin coats. We use both sides for our border jack who has a thicker, medium length coat. The brush comes with a little pamphlet with suggested brushing/massaging techniques. It removed a lot of dull undercoat fur from the border jack and a fair amount of fur from the two bullies. I recommend using this brush outside when possible. It loosens fur, but it does not hold onto the fur like some brushes do. So I loosened all this fur from our three dogs, and it just floated onto the floor or stuck to the couch. If you're more careful than I was, you could probably collect most of it with your hands while you brush. I was too focused on my dogs' reactions. They all loved it. Our pitbull will tolerate anything and loves scritches the most, and she loved it immediately. The English staffy is a little skittish, but warmed up to it quickly. Our border jack prefers less handling and has refused to be touched by 3-4 other brushes we've tried. At first she was a brat about it, but with gentle persistence I got her to come around without too much time or effort. Honestly it's worth it just for how much the dogs enjoy it. Taking out extra fur is a bonus.


I do have the Curry and use it daily. Horses love it!

Carole Robinson

All my cats like it! I just couldn’t believe it, usually when I try to brush them, I get scratched.

Becki Baumgartner, TCVM Brands

Boy, Curry on a Stik is amazing. My soft-coated Wheaton does not like to be brushed, until now.

Joey DiPierro, Howard Beach NY

That curry is great! I LOVE it

Carolyn Howard

Much easier for my ageing hands to hold on to. Oh yeah, my horse loves that I can brush her longer.


Bought it for my horse, using it on my dog!

 Got it originally for my horse but couldn't believe how much my dog loves it! Going to have to get a second one, one for the barn and one for the house. Can't wait to try it out for bathing too- so far makes grooming so much easier, and they love it.


Incredible brush

Will never buy a different curry again - have nerve damage in my neck and with this brush no longer have my hands freezing up while grooming, resulting in brushes dropping. The pamphlet has a lot of awesome Chi method instructions to benefit the horse as well. Can feel the difference when riding! 


Great for dogs as well!

 I have a king charles cavalier spaniel and he absolutely loves this brush. He gets so excited when he sees me take it out and i can tell it really relaxes his body as hes on the older age range. Can't wait to use it more!


pup and kitten adore it

Extremely easy but effective on my pup and kitten's coat. Less 'aggressive than some other brushes. Nicely weighted.


Curry on a Stik and Corakko shampoo makes my horses coat shine. Their coats are bright, shiny, and thick. They never looked so good.

Rolando in Orlando FL

Purchased Curry on a Stik with doubts, Would have been a big mistake. If I listened to my gut. My dog goes crazy for it. I now look forward to spend relaxing, quality time with my bud. 

Brian Bruk, Boyton Beach, FL

My little Chiweenie hates to be brushed, and didn't really like to be combed either. Now, with the Curry on a Stik she enjoys being brushed and actually rolls over for it to be used on her belly

Cris Ember, Crossett

My dogs love this. It is a magic stick. I could use it on them all day and they wont move. Love it.

Donna, Salem

My big boy, Bain, is a Plott Hound/Lab mix, and he absolutley loves the Curry on a Stik. I foundy this device at the Ocala FL Farmers Market and just had to try it. Bain hates the Furminator and was never fond of any standard dog brushes, Soft or stiff; plastic, rubber or wire; he just did not care for them. Now, when I pull the Curry on a Stik out of the closet where I keep his dog supplies, he is READY to go, follows me to his bed in the living room, and simply luxuriates in being groomed. Curry on a Stik lets me collect his hair while massaging his skin and muscles. The whole experience improves his mood and comfort level.

Thank you Jeff and Dr john. I never thought in my wildest dreams that Curry on a Stik would give my Molly a better quality of life. She now can go up and down the stairs without being uncomfortable. After 3 weeks of massaging her she now can climb stairs.

Ambassador Molly & Lilly Barron, SPCA of Ocala 

Such a handy and clever way to care for your animals! Makes curry time a delight for man and beast

Katie, Marquadt

The product is absolutely amazing. The animals love it. They come running when I pick up the brush

Jackie Therrien, Anthony FL

My Cat Loves Your Product

Rumi the Cat who just loves your product! You can see he rises up to meet the brush, when he sees it! And to see him fall down in ecstasy with total surrender!

Susan Beischel - N.Y.

My Labradoodle Loves It

My 56 lb. labradoodle loves your massage brush. He turns over for me to massage his belly!!!

Ann Biederman - N.Y.

Superfast Shipping

I bought it online late Thursday night. It was in my mailbox today. Superfast shipping + it beats the hell out of all the other brushes I have for George!

Karen Hile

Great Product!

And it’s made to last! My Jack Russells love getting groomed!

Karen Fulford

Happy Customer

I purchased Curry on a Stik’ as gifts for friends with pets. Wow!! What a great reaction!! Their pets LOVED it! It was good bonding time & they loved being groomed as well. So happy I purchased some. Happy customer.

Rebecca Apson - Fire Island, N.Y.

It's awesome!

I use this at the Chi. It’s awesome!

Lauren Watkins - FL

Love this brush

Love this brush, & so does our horses!

Linda Hayes

Love mine.

Takes the place of two curry combs & slides in your back pocket to be handy

Lynn Tuckwiller- Fl

My cats like it!!!

Thanks Jeff!! Got my Curry on a Stik and tried it on my cats. They like it!!! What a change from that wire thing they hated!

Gil Kaufman- Coral Gables, Fl

Fantastic product!

Works great on my horse as well on my dog, fantastic product!

Peter Amabile- Brooksville, Fl

I use it daily!

I have this brush and use it daily! It is awesome

Terri Henkle

New Product Alert!

Jackie and Peter came by to meet the new baby! They were so sweet to bring her a new brush! Its called curry-on-a-stik 😛😝😝😛 and it works great!!! Little Tess loves it, just check out the video! Too funny! Great seeing you guys!!!!!

Denise Perrotta-Land O' Lakes Fl


Great product and very easy to use, we bought several for gifts! I definitely recommend Curry On A Stick it makes working on my horse alot more comfortable and my gelding acts like he is getting a message!, not to mention my arm doesn’t get so tired! Love it!

Jacqueline and Peter Amabile


Anything to make grooming easier & more comfortable on our horses! Innovation, I love it!

Alicia Powel

my 2 French bulldogs love it!

I have 2 French bulldogs that just detest brush or any grooming tools. They first treated the Curry-On-a-Stik as a toy but then genuinely love it so much that they both fall asleep while being brushed. Compared to other brushes we have used. We just love it because it’s not tiring for the arms. It’s just honestly very well thought-out product for both the animals and humans.

Jessica - Hong Kong

A cool and useful product

I was in the Advanced Acupuncture class at the Chi in January and bought a Curryonastik brush and have absolutely loved it. One of my clients helps a special needs child, and asked for people to donate curry combs because he absolutely loves to curry horses. I bought one for him, and one to give as a gift. Thanks for making a cool and useful product.

Lauren Zappitelli


Such a clever product.

Mandy McTiernan


Your brushes are awesome and at this time we are currently using them in grooming for our dogs.

Lindsey - Woof Gang Bakery, Daytona Beach, FL

A Wonderful Addition

Curry on a Stik has been an absolutely wonderful addition to my grooming box. It not only has saved my hands from old curry brushes, but it serves many purpose around the barn. My horse loves the massage properties of it, and it’s durability. I am able to use mine both in daily grooming along with bathing. I feel it is extremely durable and so far has withheld the test of time and the Florida sun. The brush has decreased my grooming time dramatically. I love how it’s ergonomic grip makes it easy to hold, even under soapy conditions. Curry on a Stik also doubles well as a brush to scrub wool boots and saddle pads. It is stiff enough to help break up the dirt but is also gentle enough for the tiniest of jobs. The double sides is genius, the large teeth are great for my dog or horse body, while the small dips are perfect for legs and other tender areas. Curry on a Stik is 100% worth the money as my dog, horse and I love it! It’s been the perfect addition!

Sierra,Ocala, Fl

mindful grooming

I was recently sent a curry on a stick to test and give some feedback. I am delighted to report that I love this product. It is strong and will obviously last a considerable time. My sensitive chestnut mare is particularly fond of the short, soft teeth side. I can go all over her face, the back of her ears and down her legs. Even with a very soft body brush she would object. It is amazing how the circular motion brings grease up to the surface to be quickly brushed off with a soft brush. The end of the handle can be used on the pressure points. I found it easy to get a nice release from the horse. After using the curry on a stick as a massage tool, my horse is freer through her shoulders and hips and is taking a bigger step. I would recommend this as an essential tool for anyone interested in massage as part of the grooming and the well-being of their horse.

Jane Armour, California

Curry on a stik has completely changed my grooming program at the farm.

Curry on a stik has completely changed my grooming program at the farm. My young riders love it because the small handle makes it easy to hold and keeps it in their hands rather than on the ground. My old fuzzy horses love to be shed out in the spring with this brush and all of my horses enjoy being groomed year round with both sides of this brush. Not only do my riders, horses and I love the curry on a stik for grooming but we use it daily for bathing. With the Florida climate, we are often using antifungal shampoos. I prefer the curry on a stik over using a sponge because it is easy to rinse off in between horses, helps disperse the soap deep into the coat and it is quick to disinfect unlike using a sponge.

Charley - Charley Horse Sales, Ocala, FL

If your dog acts like being brushed is the same as pulling teeth, you will love the Curry on a Stik.

If your dog acts like being brushed is the same as pulling teeth, you will love the Curry on a Stik. No more having to wrap my legs around my baby to brush his coat in order to get rid of unwanted hair and mats. The massage he receives takes the flight out of the experience making me want to keep brushing. The look of love said it all.

Steve Rheingold, Pembroke Pines, FL

This is the ONLY brush my dogs have ever let me use without a struggle

Wow! This is the only brush my dogs have ever let me use without a struggle. My crazy puppy just lay there and rolled over in a state of Zen. My tiny 12-year-old Maltipoo, who hates being brushed because she’s so sensitive, didn’t budge, and my crazy husband even gave it a try. The brush removes loose and massages! Two in one!!

Leslie Rheingold, Pembroke Pines, FL

Our Cat Loves It!!!

Just wanted to say again how great this product is! It is so easy to handle, excellent materials and, best of all, our cat Asics loves it! His coat has never looked better! Thanks for the perfect grooming aid!

Larry and Sue Hammond… and Asics, Ocala, FL

I love my curry on a stik!

I love my curry on a stik! My mare is allergy prone, and exta itchy. She LOVES the massaging effects that the curry has, and it gets my horses clean like never before! I also have a Pomeranian who naturally sheds often. I have been using the curry on him regularly and no more shedding! This product is the real deal!

Sara Fennessy, Florida

Love the Curry on a Stik'

Love the Curry on a Stik’ It’s works so well on our horses & dogs. It is easy to clean up.

Suzanne Donaldson

My Dog Can't Get Enough of It

I used the Curry on a Stick massager, and my dog can’t get enough of it. She’s constantly begging us to do it again and again. This thing works!

Michael Cariglio, Ocala, FL

The next great product to enhance the horse…

I am a lifelong horse enthusiast as well as a full time riding instructor. Over the years I have used a multitude of curries and brushes. I believe the grooming experience should be a pleasant relaxing one for these animals. I have tested this product on a few different horses – the result is consistent. They seem to enjoy the process, relaxing while being groomed and massaged simultaneously. The fit of the handle in my hand secures the curry, giving you the option of a light curry or a deep penetrating effect. Curry On A Stik may be the next great product to enhance the horse, human relationship . I look forward to sharing this product with my grooms, clients and other horse professionals .

DeeDee Cooke, N.Y.

This curry provides so much more than a simple treat

I don’t spend time brushing my horses, and they are perfectly happy with treats as a bonding mechanism. When I reluctantly tried Curry on a Stik, I was shocked by the pleasure it gave my horses and the smile it brought to my face. All three of my horses clamored for me to use it on them….bellies were a definite hot spot. This curry provides so much more than a simple treat and the horses let me know it! Bonding, massaging, and cleaning in one simple step….and healthier than any treat in your pocket!!

Liz Dollinger

A Great Grooming Tool for Dogs and Horses

As a former NYS certified dog groomer and horse groom, I can attest that grooming tools are vital to an animals care experience. To have a product that massages a dog, cat or horse while removing loose fur/hair is unique… Many owners use products that cause discomfort while brushing their pets. Which can cause them to be resistant to being brushed. “Curry on a Stik” is the answer to this problem. It is a great grooming tool!

Barbara D. Leon

One Quality Product!

I received my Curry-On-A-Stik’ a few days ago and I just had to write you and tell you what a great product this is. First off, I was impressed with the packaging it came in, usually products like this come in a bag. I could tell that the box it came in was designed to protect the Curry-On-A-Stik’ inside and it did just that. I absolutely love the professional graphics and information you included on the box. It is great to see that the Curry-On-A-Stik’ is Veterinarian tested and recommended by Dr. John Langiois, DVM, MS. Upon opening the box, I was delighted to find that the Curry-On-A-Stik’ is even better than how it is depicted on your website and artwork on the box. This is one quality product! The weight and balance of the Curry-On-A-Stik’ makes you want to use it. As I held it in my hands marveling at the look, feel, and design, my dogs sat there in front of me like I was holding a steak in my hand! I usually use a steel wire grooming brush on my two Aussies, a brush they are both terrified of. I have tried them all, but they cringed after using each one on them, until using the Curry-On-A-Stik’. At first, they were a little stand-offish knowing it was something that looked like a curry brush but very different. It was love at first feel for them! Once the soft rubber bristles hit their fur, it was all over! The dual headed design is genius! Two brushes in one! I wish I had a horse to try it on! My Bella and Charlie just love to get groomed now with the Curry-On-A-Stik’. Thank you so much Jeff, my dogs thank you too!

Sean S.

Incredible Grooming Tool!

We love our Curry on a Stik! We use it daily for grooming, shedding & bathing. Best tool ever.

Cavalia Stables

Love This Brush SO Much!

So relaxing - had a great cuddle & brush session with Curry on a Stik - and my beagle does not usually like it cuddle! This made him into a snuggly puppy & he even started snoring.

Beagle By The Bay

Best. Shedding. Tool. Ever.

Plus, the horses think they are just getting a massage! I love how evenly Curry on a Stik sheds out the coat! No patches like many other shedding tools. #mojitolovesit

Kymmy Pullen

Amazing Tool

This duel-sided grooming tool is perfect for dogs and horses and offers a nice therapeutic massage in addition to helping maintain a luxurious coat!

C6 Equestrian

Had to buy!

Hi. A few people have actually given me your product! Awesome product!

Jenna Friedman

Cats Favorite

My 16 yr old cat adores being brushed by Curry on a Stik

Shelly. Laguna Hills, Ca

Highly Recommend! 

Gunner has sensitive skin, dandruff and sheds like crazy. The soft rubber bristles help break all that up, leaving him with a fresh, shiny coat! ✨ ✨ ✨  Gunner gives this four paws out of four!

JMI Pet Supply

Best new product

Innovative new grooming tool! I love this Curry& so do my colts. Its a great product!

Florence Fleming


Love this tool!

Kris Hrana

Must Buy!

Absolutely love this product!

LK Modeling CC

Fur Babies Approve!

My fur babies absolutely love Curry on a Stik!

Chelsea - Jacks Inc/JMI Supply

King Charles Approves

My King Charles Benny absolutely loves it and gets so excited when he sees me take it out of the box. He is an older age range for his breed(12 yrs old) and I can tell it really relaxes his body. Thanks again.

Emily from, Dania, Fl

This product intrigued me…

 (I Love new things) but the best was my mare's reaction to it! She Loves it!! The little squares on her face... Just adores it!!! I can use a lot of new products!

Chloe - Canada

Thank you!

Thank you for sponsoring the “Run for the Ribbons!” I received this as my 4th place price & I love it!

Andrea Dyer, Ocala, Fl

Brilliant Design…

I think this is a brilliant design! the animals in my life all benefit from the way this amazing grooming tool stimulates the coat and skin. I can strongly recommend this awesome product to any animal owner/lovers, who want the best for there pets!

Dee Dee - Westchester, N.Y.

Great Product!

Best cat brush ever! My 16 yr old cat adores being brushed by Curry on a Stik! It stimulates his skin and controls his shedding. He coos and he purrs. I have used lots of brushes on my little beastie but nothing works as well as Curry on a Stik.

Shelly - Laguna Woods, CA


Incredible & unique brush, your animals will love it!

Ninzinn, Florida

Good Fit!

Good fit on my quarter horse

- Marvin

Well Constructed…

Heavy duty & well constructed. It does what it is supposed to do, exactly what we needed!


“One word, Awesome”

I have just one word “Awesome.”

Brad Boleyn - Texas

Best brush ever

Using Curry on a Stik for over 2 yrs I will not use any other brush. This brush shows me where our horses are in pain.

Mark - King Pin Stables

Nothing works Better

I have used them all - nothing works better on my horses and dogs. Thank you guys!


Need another!

I need to buy more of this Curry on a stik with the handle!



This thing is Amazing & so comfortable to use.

- HJS Grooming

My students love it!

The students in my grooming school all use Curry on a Stik’!

Connie Buchanan - ZZG Grooming Store - Canada

Highly Reccommended 

Highly Reccommended!! - Locals on Alignable

-Alignable Locals

Incredible for Lyme Symptoms

Used on my lease horse with severe Lyme disease - this helped tremendously with his muscle soreness and coordination problems…

Annelisa -Ocala Dressage Pro

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