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Mindful Grooming

A Professional, Therapeutic Grooming and Massage Tool for Horses, Dogs & Cats

Winner of 2023 Family Choice Award for both Curry on a Stik & Corakko Products!


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What is Curry on a Stik?

✔️ A Professional Massage/Grooming/Bathing Tool

✔️ Decreases Shedding - Increases Coat Health - removes stagnation - increases circulation 

✔️ Easy Clean Up - Simply Rinse Or Wash 

✔️ Ergonomically designed for ease of use with the arthritic or nerve effected hands - Patent Pending Design!

✔️ For Quick Grooming, or intensive therapeutic massage sessions - providing an aid in early detection of soreness & injuries

✔️ Created with Design, Durability, Quality, Performance & Affordability in mind

✔️ Easy to Carry - Safe & Effective For use by All Ages!

✔️ Veterinarian Tested & Approved by Chi Institute Instructor Dr. John Langlois!

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 This new curry comb has been specially designed to make massaging,  grooming & bathing easier and much more effective. Our husband and wife team, Jeff and Sharon, worked studiously in developing, designing, testing and perfecting the details of the brush for over two years. Having reviewed every available curry on the market, we are confident that this is the best brush out there in terms of design, construction, durability and performance.

Checkout Corakko! Our newest Therapeutically Minded Line - Available in Shampoo & Snake Oil!
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The Corakko premium therapeutic skin care shampoo integrates the power of nano-copper technology, with an ancestral Chilean herb from the Quillac Seponaira plant and Coptis Huang Lian, a fundamental herb of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to treat and prevent bacterial and fungal growth on and under the skin. The formula's main ingredients are combined with a unique blend of skin conditioning agents, cleansing agents, and moisturizers, The formula is both preventative and therapeutic for many common skin diseases, and is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and anti-microbial to bacteria, fungi and viruses. 

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“Curry on a Stik’ may be the next great product to enhance the horse-human relationship” -Dee-Dee Cooke

“Gunner has sensitive skin, dandruff & sheds like crazy. The soft rubber bristles help break all that up, leaving him with a fresh, shiny coat. 10/10 highly recommend!” - Peter Amable 

“I have been using Curry on a Stik’ on him regularly & now there’s no more shedding! This product is the real deal!!” - Sara

For The Horses

Professional Equestrians around the globe are raving about Curry On A Stik'. The shine it will bring to your horses coat will catch everyone's attention in the ring.

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For The Canines

Curry On A Stik' works wonders on both short and long coats alike. Your K9 will love the massaging effect!

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For The Felines

Having a difficult time with your cat's coat? Curry On A Stik' is here to help! Feline friends love our grooming tool! 

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Checkout what our pony Frederick Hobbs of Hollywood has to say about Curry on a Stik!

A Better Way to GroomI have been riding and showing horses for 35 years and from the first time I picked up a curry and a brush I was hooked on the relationship between me and the horse. What I yearned for was a tool that could curry and massage at the same time. The problem with the curry was that I had to hold it in my hand with my fingers which I always thought was hard to do. The curry would fly out of my hand! My fingers hurt, and my hands were filthy! After years of currying horses and ponies I thought, why doesn’t the curry have a handle like a hair brush. There must be a better way!

What I needed was a well balanced tool on a handle. This could alleviate stress on fingers, wrist and elbow. A convenient double-sided head with course rubber on one side, softer rubber on the other.

Taking all this under consideration we designed Curry on a Stik.

Veterinarian Recommended by Dr. John Langlois, DVM, CVA, MS, CVMMP, TCVM

As a Veterinarian, I have been asked many times during my career to endorse products most of which were pharmaceuticals and for many reasons have not to date. Endorsement of this product is a no-brainer. I have shared that I wish to incorporate concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine into the practice of grooming. That is, taking a mindful, connected approach to grooming allowing for a more fulfilled and effective experience.

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9 Key Curry On A Stik' Benefits

  • Massages the Skin, Muscle & Fascia
  • Patent Pending Ergonomically Designed Handle
  • Dual Sided Currying Action 
  • Acupressure & Massage Stimulation
  • Removes Painful Stagnation
  •  Stress Point Therapy
  • Releases Natural Coat Oils
  • Stimulates Circulation
  • Opens Micro-Vasculature

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Veterinarian Certified & Approved

Endorsed by The Chi University for Integrative Medicine

Our Customers Love Curry On A Stik'!

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