Curry on a Stik'


Use the INNOVATIVE Curry on a Stik'- All your animals will LOVE it!

✔ A Professional Massage/Grooming/Bathing Tool

✔ Ergonomic Handle

✔ Double Side

✔ Coarse Cone Shaped Teeth

✔ Flexible Fine Teeth For Sensitive Areas

✔ Durable Material - The only Curry you will ever want! 

✔ Veterinarian Tested and Approved

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What is Curry On A Stik'?

This new curry comb has been specially designed to make massaging, grooming & bathing easier and much more effective. Our husband and wife team, Jeff and Sharon, worked studiously developing, designing, testing, and perfecting the details of the brush for over two years. Having reviewed nearly every available curry on the market, we are confident that this is the best brush out there in terms of design, construction, and performance.

A Better Way!

I have been riding and showing horses for 35 yrs. and from the first time I picked up a curry and a brush I was hooked on the relationship between me and the horse. What I yearned for was a tool that could curry and massage at the same time. The problem with the curry was that I had to hold it in my hand with my fingers which I always thought was hard to do. The curry would fly out of my hand! My fingers hurt, and my hands were filthy!

After years of currying horses and ponies I thought, why doesn’t the curry have a handle like a hair brush. There must be a better way.

What I needed was a well balanced tool on a handle. This could alleviate stress on fingers, wrist and elbow.

A convenient double-sided head with course rubber on one side, softer rubber on the other.

Taking all this under consideration we designed Curry on a Stik.

  1. Comfortable rubber ergonomic handle
  2. Makes it easy to curry without applying pressure
  3. Convenient two brushes in one
  4. Bathing tool
  5. Handle fits in pocket or under belt for easy access
  6. Requires less bending and stretching while currying


Our dog Sofi, a 9 yr. old Rhodesian ridgeback rescue, always gave us a hard time when we would groom her. We had tried expensive brushes with a row of metal teeth and it would just rip out her hair and she would fight us to no end. Slicker brushes with wire teeth would hurt her skin. Grooming gloves with round nubs would just make a mess and do nothing. The solution is curry on a stik. Sofi loves to be brushed every morning. We take her outside and brush every part of her body and she wants more. After brushing she feels so great that she starts running in circles and stops and sits at attention for more. We use curry on a stik when we bath her. The teeth get down to her skin and not only removes the shedding hair but massage her as well.

Bud is our 14 yr old long hair Chihuahua with Cushings disease and has lost most of his hair on his back. Six weeks ago he was paralyzed from bulging disk cause unknown. He went through 5 weeks of acupuncture, herbs, CBD and massaging technique with the help of massage with curry on a stik. We are happy to say that he has recovered fully. Curry on a Stik will work for any size dog


All our barn cats love to be groomed with curry on a stik. Usually the cats run away. Since using the curry they now come over to us and rub their bodies against our legs. Curry on a Stik can be used on all livestock.


The Japanese Akita is a very special dog. I loved their loyalty, strength and intelligence.

I have been involved with this magnificent breed for over 30 yrs. Responsible for producing many champions and sold my pups world-wide. Produced the proper food and supplements to keep the breed at its finest. Grooming was another very important factor since their double thick coat needed attention.

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to design the perfect grooming/massage tool, not only for dogs but for all livestock. I have spent over 2 years developing, designing, testing, the ultimate grooming tool.

My wife Sharon directed me to develop a curry that would cover all aspects of grooming, massaging horses since this was her passion for over 35 yrs. Curry on a Stik is a patent pending grooming tool.

The specially manufactured TPE rubber over lay makes this the perfect ergonomic handle which fits into your hand whether you are a lefty or righty.

The balance weight makes this curry very easy to use, the perfect grooming/massage/bathing tool on the market today.

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers:

The next great product to enhance the horse...

I am a lifelong horse enthusiast as well as a full time riding instructor. Over the years I have used a multitude of curries and brushes. I believe the grooming experience should be a pleasant relaxing one for these animals. I have tested this product on a few different horses - the result is consistent. They seem to enjoy the process, relaxing while being groomed and massaged simultaneously. The fit of the handle in my hand secures the curry,  giving you the option of a light curry or a deep penetrating effect.

Curry On A Stik may be the next great product to enhance the horse, human relationship . I look forward to sharing this product with my grooms, clients and other horse professionals .

- DeeDee Cooke, N.Y.

This curry provides so much more than a simple treat...

I don't spend time brushing my horses, and they are perfectly happy with treats as a bonding mechanism. When I reluctantly tried Curry on a Stik, I was shocked by the pleasure it gave my horses and the smile it brought to my face. All three of my horses clamored for me to use it on them....bellies were a definite hot spot. This curry provides so much more than a simple treat and the horses let me know it! Bonding, massaging, and cleaning in one simple step....and healthier than any treat in your pocket!!

- Liz Dollinger

One Quality Product!

I received my Curry-On-A-Stik’ a few days ago and I just had to write you and tell you what a great product this is. First off, I was impressed with the packaging it came in, usually products like this come in a bag. I could tell that the box it came in was designed to protect the Curry-On-A-Stik’ inside and it did just that. I absolutely love the professional graphics and information you included on the box. It is great to see that the Curry-On-A-Stik’ is Veterinarian tested and recommended by Dr. John Langiois, DVM, MS, TCVM.

Upon opening the box, I was delighted to find that the Curry-On-A-Stik’ is even better than how it is depicted on your website and artwork on the box. This is one quality product! The weight and balance of the Curry-On-A-Stik’ makes you want to use it. As I held it in my hands marveling at the look, feel, and design, my dogs sat there in front of me like I was holding a steak in my hand!

I usually use a steel wire grooming brush on my two Aussies, a brush they are both terrified of. I have tried them all, but they cringed after using each one on them, until using the Curry-On-A-Stik’. At first, they were a little stand-offish knowing it was something that looked like a curry brush but very different. It was love at first feel for them! Once the soft rubber bristles hit their fur, it was all over! The dual headed design is genius! Two brushes in one! I wish I had a horse to try it on! My Bella and Charlie just love to get groomed now with the Curry-On-A-Stik’.

Thank you so much Jeff, my dogs thank you too!

– Sean S.

Bud, The Miracle Dog

When I first met Bud on May 1, 2019 he presented as a 14-year-old Chihuahua with a long-term history of a medial luxating patella and Cushings-like symptoms. His immediate concern was neck pain and a paralyzed left front leg, which left him falling over and unable to stand. His patella condition had worsened, according to the owners. Another big concern was that he could not urinate or defecate easily. Upon examination, a disk pressing on a nerve in his neck was believed to be causing his leg paralysis. His kneecap was out of place almost all of the time. As a veterinary acupuncturist, I began acupuncture treatments on his neck and legs, then prescribed two Chinese herbal formulas. His owners also started giving him a high-grade CBD oil from HEMP A BETTER LIFE, which I agreed was a great addition. I gave them instructions for Tui-na, a Chinese massage technique to perform on Bud’s neck and legs daily. They also used a new innovative grooming/massage professional tool, CURRY ON A STIK’. After one week, Bud was able to stand for his exam, which was pretty remarkable. After two weeks of acupuncture treatments, herbs, Tui-na, and CBD, Bud was standing stronger and able to urinate and defecate normally on his own. On May 21st, I was excited to see Bud taking some steps and correcting his foot position on his own. At four weeks, Bud really took off. He was walking and trotting on the grass on all four legs. Even his luxating patella was staying in place more of the time. This was truly amazing! To go from a completely paralyzed leg to a functional leg in one month had us all cheering. I believe that all components of his therapy worked well together to give Bud back his excellent quality of life.  

– Dr. Susie Brannan

"New Product Alert! Jackie and Peter came by to meet the new baby! They were so sweet to bring her a new brush! Its called curry-on-a-stik 😛😝😝😛 and it works great!!! Little Tess loves it, just check out the video! Too funny! Great seeing you guys!!!!!"

- Denise Perrotta

A Innovative New Grooming Tool

Veterinarian Recommended: Dr. John Langlois, DVM, MS, TCVM

  • A Professional Tool
  • Durable material
  • One-piece paddle - no rivets or screws
  • For use on all animals and livestock - not just horses, dogs and cats
  • Specially manufactured natural rubber overlay makes this the perfect ergonomic handle which fits into your hand whether you are left or right handed
  • The balanced weight makes this curry very easy to use
  • For use grooming, massaging, or bathing your animal
  • Patent pending design


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