What You Should Know Before Getting a Long-Haired Cat

When people are choosing a pet, they often select a long-haired cat. This is not unusual. These cats are beautiful and just stroking them can be a stress reliever. Long, silky coats are visually beautiful to look at and wonderful to touch, but it also brings up considerations about how to care for that beautiful coat. Without the right care, that soft fur can become tangled and unmanageable. This means providing the pet with the fur care it needs.

What You Should Know Before Getting a Long-Haired Cat

Falling in love with a beautiful long-haired cat is a natural reaction, but there are several considerations before committing to owning one. The first is the grooming time that is involved. Obviously, grooming time will depend on the type of cat that is chosen. Coat texture, the cat’s health, and overall lifestyle can all affect the nature and beauty of their coat.

Day-to-Day Cleaning

Again, it depends on the cat’s lifestyle and living area. Cats naturally want to clean themselves. They need a litter box. However, as cats age there may be difficulty in cleaning themselves after using the box. This is particularly true with overweight cats. Some long-haired cats also need daily eye cleaning to prevent staining. These include Brachycephalic cats such as Himalayans and Persians.

The bottom line is that all long-haired cats need assistance in cleaning their coats effectively and keeping them looking their best. Many long-haired cats need brushing every day. Although, with some cats, this can be extended to once a week or even once a month. It truly comes down to the nature of the cat’s coat. Softer, fluffier coats require more attention.

The good news is that home care can keep a long-haired cat’s fur in great condition. It takes some time and effort, but the end results are worth it all. Starting a long-haired cat on a grooming schedule early on is very important. More mature cats may feel uncomfortable, confused, and scared about the process. If this is the case, a professional grooming experience may be needed.

Caring for the Fur of a Long-Haired Cat

The most common problems that are seen with long-haired cats is matting, hairballs, and lack of fecal hygiene. Hairballs happen when a cat is cleaning itself and digesting its own hair. This can lead to digestive tract blockages causing the cat to cough to clear the problem. In severe cases, surgery is required to correct the problem. Regular brushing prevents this problem.

After using the litter box, some long-haired cats will have fecal matter adhere to their coat and skin. This can lead to skin issues and matting of the fur. Regular cleaning and brushing can prevent skin sores and infections. To prevent these problems, regular brush the cat. If needed, a professional groomer can shave the rear end to prevent problems and keep the area clean.

Matting is another problem for long-haired cats. The areas most prone to this are the belly, behind the ears, chest, armpits, and legs. These are the places that experience the most friction. This means that these are areas that rub the most when the cat moves around. This can lead to matting which is very painful for the animal. Regularly brushing the cat and grooming can prevent this.

Best Tool to Care for a Long-Haired Cat

When looking for a long-haired cat brush, a cat de-shedding brush is also needed. While some pet stores offer a range of cat grooming supplies, they may not have the best tool that is needed. The tool that is needed to care for pets the best is Curry on a Stik.

How Curry on a Stik Can Help Animals

Curry on a Stik provides the curry comb and other products that help cats, dogs, and horses. There are several reasons their tools can provide healthy coats and pain relief. Here are a few reasons to consider these products:

  • The massaging brush can relax muscles and relieve pain.
  • The brush can be used on a 1 lb. cat or 1 k horse.
  • While it is beneficial as a regular brush for long-haired cats, it can also be used to help relieve pain in horses and reduce any muscle strains.
  • The ergonomic handle is easy to use for anyone with hand mobility issues.
  • The longer handle allows children to easily clean cats, dogs, and horses.
  • Massaging with the brush not only cleans animals but also provides massage that relieves sore muscles and stimulates blood flow.
  • It’s also a de-shedding tool that works on many animals.

Taking care of a long-haired cat can be time-consuming. This is something that should be considered before bringing one home. Yes, long-haired cats are beautiful and enjoyable. They can also reduce the stress of the homeowner. When bringing a long-haired cat home, make sure that there are the right tools to care for them. Contact us today to purchase the most mindful brush for your long-haired cat.